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Lau Lau is the first Pipling. Her voice was provided by Georgia MacPherson.


Lau Lau is very cute, kind, loving, calm and a bit sensitive.


In Season 2, the other Piplings find out when Lau Lau was young, she was often teased about her long ears so she had to wear a hat to cover them. Lau Lau is the only Pipling with a high bed while the others have usual beds. She is 5 years old. Lau Lau is fully creative and loves painting. She also likes fancy dancing. Those are her two most favourite pastimes. She paints all kinds of things and also likes sculpting and making things especially presents for her three Pipling friends. In Season 1, Lau Lau made the Piplings pillows (which they called cushions) for their beds. She loves all sorts of textures and materials, and is especially fond of sparkly and glittery things. When Lau Lau is sad, her ears flop downwards. In season 1, Lau Lau becomes depressed about her mission pillow, so her ears flop downwards near her eyes. Lau Lau is also the best Pipling in Yogo (which may be caused by her dancing). She also likes to help the other Piplings hide in good hiding places when playing Peeka with the Cheebies. Lau Lau lives in a purple pod high up in a tree, beside Nok Tok's pod. Lau Lau hops on steps (that wind around a tree) to get to the front door. Lau Lau also has a painting house where she crafts or paints objects. The house is only a bit shorter than a Cheebie. In season 1, Lau Lau built a stage in front of her house to perform her dance for the Piplings and Cheebies. She can whistle very well, as seen in the Whistle episode.


Lau Lau is a green-eyed purple rabbit with fair skin. She wears an actual two-piece yellow dress. At nighttime, she wears a purple nightgown with mushroom slippers