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Nok Tok
Nok Tok is the third Pipling with a resemblance to a bear with a blue body with slightly tanned skin. He has a little patch of spiky bits on top of his head which resembles hair and wears a yellow T-shirt. He also has a little tail and big brown eyes. Nok Tok is the practical one who fixes things.
De Li
De Li the fourth cat-like Pipling has a fuchsia body with big blue eyes, slightly pointed ears on top of her head and a tail with a green tip. She wears a flower on top of her head. She wears a pale pink dress. De Li is very fond of her garden.
Lau Lau
Lau Lau is the first Pipling, is rabbit-like, and has a lilac coloured body and green eyes, has long ears on top of her head and a puff tail. She also wears a plain vest with skirt. Lau Lau loves painting and can often be seen behind her easel.
Yojojo is the second Pipling with monkey-like features. He has an amber coloured body and blue eyes, and has rounded ears on the side of his head. He has four thick hairs rising above his right ear which flop over to his left like a comb-over. In Peeka he is often seen hiding in the log and his long tail is often shown also doesn't know.Template:PbHe also wears a blue pair of pants. Yojojo is a talented musician and juggler.
A different group of six children who play Peeka and Yogo with the Piplings and engage with them in every episode. The Cheebies often find the solutions to the Piplings' problems.
Four small butterfly-like creatures who are thought to be the Piplings' pets. Each one is coloured like its respective Pipling.