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Waybuloo is a British and Canadian cartoon children’s television series originally created by Dan Good and Absolutely Cuckoo. It was commissioned by Michael Carrington at BBC. The show was first aired on CBeebies in May 2009. The show was Head-Written by Marc Seal and animated and directed by Gallus Entertainment. Post production, including audio, sound design & editing is done by Platform Post Production in Toronto, Canada. LLine producted by Matt Porter and the series producer is Simon Spencer and excecutive producer is Joe Brumm (Who now works on the critically acclaimed Austalian series Bluey).


Waybuloo is set in the land of Nara, a real world located in the far east of England. In Nara lies a garden, where four animated creatures named Piplings, live, play and learn. The Piplings practice yogo, a gentle form of excercise similiar to yogo. This excercise is performed two times each episode. A different group of six children( who's names are Cheebies) visit the Piplings and play Peeka & practice yogo with them. The Cheebies also find solutions to the Pipling's problems. When the Piplings find out their problems, or are so happy, they experience Waybuloo, where all piplings rise up towards the sky.



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